Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Fashion Shoot

Wow, I’ve been gone for a minute, huh?

I’ve been as busy as a bee working on a fall fashion shoot for The Fayetteville Observer’s Sunday Life Magazine. It’s the first project that I’ve had in awhile that didn’t include the help of a makeup artist, hair stylist or a couple of assistants on set. So I've been busier than usual with the extra legwork. Thankfully, one of my fashion assistants was able to help me pull a few clothes prior to the shoot.

Anyway, I’m pretty proud of the project, even though I won’t see all of the photos until later this week.

During the shoot, I had a moment to snag a quick behind-the-scenes shot of model Jessica Lucas and photographer James Robinson.

The fashion spread will be published on Oct. 30.


  1. I LOVE the model's jacket! Can you tell us who designed it, or must we wait until Oct. 30? ;-)

  2. Hey a.nicole, actually it came from Belk! And I posted the full layout this week. Check it out!


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