Friday, January 17, 2014

Scuba Wear: How to Rock It

The spring runways were teeming with an unlikely fabric: neoprene scuba material!

If you're skeptical about diving in this new trend, you're not the only one. But you can easily pull off this look, by following these tips:

Don't be this fashion DON'T!
Less is More. Don't rock head-to-toe neoprene, lest someone mistakes you for a scuba diver.

Tommy Hilfiger 

Do Try a Mini Skirt. This is a super cute way to try out scuba wear. Plus, it makes for a stylish cover up when at the beach. There's nothing wrong with a little double duty action!

Juicy Couture Satchel
Upgrade With Scuba Accessories. Seriously, this Juicy Couture Neoprene Tote… #MustHave

Examine the Cut. Whether it's a pair of pants, a dress or a skirt, make sure it's flattering from all angles. Cheaper varieties of this trend can add bulk or bulging to your silhouette.

Add Heels. Otherwise, your look will resemble a fitness ensemble and less like a fashion-forward outfit.

Would you rock scuba wear? 

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