Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Style

Did anyone else wake up this morning to the sounds of gusting winds? Well, I did. Disturbed, I rolled over to look at my mobile weather app to learn that it was 30 degrees outside - a chilly reality for those of us who were enjoying a few 70-degree days just last week. In other parts of the East Coast, the thermostat is showing temperatures in the negatives. Winter is officially here. So the question is, how do we dress for it?

You may remember my segment on WWAY on how to Look Hot When It's Cold, but that was pertaining to Wilmington's unseasonably warm weather. No one was talking about below freezing temps. So now it's time for a new game plan.

For windy days, let's think thick, bulky scarves. I'm personally a fan of the Infinity Scarf. Just about every store in town sells a variation of this nifty little bugger. I'll be sporting one that I purchased on the streets of D.C. a couple of years ago. It's super dense and can wrap around the head to serve as earmuffs, as well.

Gloves are a no-brainer, but the type of gloves you wear is key. When temperatures dip below freezing, you probably should invest in a real pair. You know…the leather variety with a lining inside the glove to keep your hands toasty warm. The cheap variety won't do, folks. Trust me.

Get a real coat. I'm guilty of buying cute, stylish coats that are more fashionable than practical. They fit me to a tee…that is until I actually wear a real sweater underneath them. Then we have a problem. When buying your winter coat, think about what you'll be wearing underneath it. Give yourself enough room to layer and look for a little insulation. To stay on trend, look for a Boyfriend Coat or maybe something of the Mixed Material variety. 

Zara Coat with knitted Lapel

Michael Kors Wool-Blend Mixed Media Color Block Coat

Stay warm today, folks!

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